Watchdog of Rental Property Owners since 1916


The aims of the POAQ are:

  • To safeguard the rights of rental property owners by ensuring a voice within the industry
  • To keep the industry viable by representation to governments
  • To promote excellent management practices by the provision of education, services and support

Mission Statement

A business climate in which all stakeholders in the rental industry achieve maximum satisfaction from every rental activity.

To protect and promote, by all legitimate and lawful means, the interests of rental property owners throughout Queensland.

In order to achieve our mission we will:

  1. At all times promote a professional and ethical business approach to the ownership and operation of rental property.
  2. Recruit and retain members in order to strengthen both the POAQ and its voice within the rental industry.
  3. Educate and inform our membership on industry best practice so as to maximise personal and financial satisfaction from all rental activities, by way of the regular publication of a newsletter and training via educational seminars and forums.
  4. Vigorously lobby and liaise with Commonwealth, State and Local Governments and agencies to ensure equitable rental laws.
  5. Liaise with other bodies and organisations within the rental industry to achieve the aims and objectives of the POAQ and its members.
  6. Identify new and emerging issues in the rental industry and develop appropriate responses to them.

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