Watchdog of Rental Property Owners since 1916


Seminars and Support


Telephone and Email Support Line
A hotline for members to call when seeking support on tenancy issues and it is staffed by experienced members

Seminars and Workshops
Seminars, Workshops and Open Forums are organised to enable members to improve their industry knowledge, provide networking opportunities and an avenue for concerns to be raised, discussed and answered.

Rental Witness Scheme
Connecting members in local areas in a support network eg. provision of an independent witness to assist a member with a tenancy matter.

TICA Tenancy Database
Members have access to prospective tenant information via the TICA tenancy database for a nominal fee.


Publications and Information


POAA Website
Our website contains useful State based information and links to associated sites of particular interest and value to rental property stakeholders.

Key News Newsletter
Our detailed quarterly newsletter contains information on industry developments, POAQ activities and support for property investors / lessors / managers (free with membership)

Signs and Forms
The POAQ sells professional For Rent signs and forms including:
o Application for Residential Tenancy,
o Special Terms for General Tenancy Agreements.


Affiliations & Representation


POAA Affiliation
The POAQ is a Federal Council member of the Property Owners Association of Australia (POAA) . This gives POAQ members an effective united voice on industry issues of national concern.

Industry Representation
The POAQ and POAA are recognised as important industry associations and, as such, are regularly invited to participate in public debates at all Government levels.
The POAQ has representatives on the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) Industry Development Forums, promoting the rights and needs of property investors and lessors.

Industry Networking
The POAQ has links with other Industry Associations in Australia and similar overseas organisations through POAA. Sharing ideas and experiences assists us to deliver global industry knowledge to members.


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